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We are a global venture studio and VC fund managed by serial entrepreneurs and seasoned executives. We take disruptive ideas in their early stages and build them into extraordinary startups.
Generative AI
Consumer APPs
We focus on industries that change the world, including
Brain-Computer Interface
For blockchain projects we invite startups to our crypto fund xCrypt capital
For blockchain projects we invite startups to our crypto fund
xCrypt capital
We look for data-driven product opportunities, embrace challenges and help founders scale their businesses in both domestic and global markets. Here is how:
With us, you get more than just a mentor or an investor. You get a top partner
With our investment, expertise, and killer team, we help founders create companies that will revolutionize their industries.
We bring together advisors from all over the globe with unparalleled experience in their respective fields.
We put in our capital and do not depend on any other venture players.
We build a transcontinental network and back our founders - being supported by like-minded entrepreneurs goes a long way.
We go the extra mile: we immerse ourselves in each project and pursue the opportunity relentlessly.
  • $100+ mln

    Under management
  • $2 mln

    Funding from day one up to $2m per project
  • 45+ people

    Team of entrepreneurs and expert operators who join forces with founders to build exceptional companies
  • 20+

    Worldwide TOP experts and advisers
Recently launched startups
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Go to the project page
Aithor is an undetectable AI writer

It helps with scholarly and creative works, generating up to 10 pages of personalized text. Aithor allows users to get past writer’s block and tailor their papers, detects and autocorrects AI text to appear human-written, and retrieves reliable academic references from relevant sources in any language. After the writing is done, Aithor will help manage style and tone to make it sound like the user’s own creation.
Your undetectable AI writer
Go to the project page
Go to the project page
Voice-Powered Texting & AI-Powered Wording

Struggling with typing? Trouble finding the right words?

We have the solution!
Introducing Textok - your AI copilot, revolutionize your texting experience! An easy-to-use user interface combined with the most powerful AI technologies will help you make texting effortless and error-free.
Voice-Powered Texting & AI-Powered Wording
Go to the project page
Go to the project page
The Very First Non-Surgical Bidirectonal BCI

Nanoparticles designed for the stimulation and recording of neural activity from within the brain.
We create the brain-computer interface tackle today's health challenges and enhance future human potential. Brain-computer interfaces hold the promise of transforming lives positively. Our aim is to transition this technology from research environments to everyday household use.
Transforming health and human capacity
And more projects to announce soon, including:
Help is an app that merges high social impact with technology

In it, anyone can help an elderly person by making a donation. Help shows a map with addresses and profiles where you can choose a person who needs help, find out the exact amount of money needed, and donate it to the person directly. The user can also pay for an elderly person's grocery basket or any other need specified in their profile.
Tech-driven Elderly Support Platform
The Friend is the best emotional assistant in its class

It is an intuitive companion accessible to audiences through the web, mobile apps, wearable gadgets, and robots. It combines the ability to understand emotions and interact empathically, helping with a wide range of tasks: from emotional support to routine assignments, making the user's daily life easier and happier. The Friend is always there, no matter what.
Best Emotional Assistant, Always There
The Friend
The Friend
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Some guy that will help you become the next OpenAI
Artem Sokolov
Founder and General Partner
Artem Sokolov
Guess what? It's me who's gonna rock your startup.
What the hell are you waiting for?
Artem Sokolov is a serial tech entrepreneur, investor, and general partner at SKL.vc, a technology-focused venture capital firm. He is the board's executive chairman for a range of companies from SKL.vc’s portfolio. Artem Sokolov is also involved in a number of global projects supporting young founders and developing the venture ecosystem, as well as social impact projects focused on sustainable approaches.

Sokolov’s investment portfolio includes over 40 tech companies with notable exits such as Asana, Lemonade, Palantir, Digital Ocean, Coursera, American Well, Auto1, SoFi and current investments through his venture capital funds include NextDoor, Udemy, Robinhood, Docker, ThoughtSpot, Circle, Algolia, Exabeam, Rubrik, Automation Anywhere, OpenWeb, CalciMedica, eToro, Payoneer, FiscalNote, Scopely, Upgrade, Kraken, StoreDot, etc.

He is a member of the YPO Association and won the EY Entrepreneur Of the Year Award in 2021, among other honors.

Sokolov is driven by the purpose of tackling the world’s main problems through science, education, and cutting-edge technology.
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