From idea to unicorn: Embrace the power of startup studios

“Ideal” gap

You have a cool idea and envision a brilliant future for both your idea and yourself. It’s even possible that you can contribute to making the world a better place along the way. However, there’s a significant gap to bridge between your idea and its implementation. Unless you were incredibly fortunate or meticulous in choosing your parents (and even then), you’ll need substantial help and resources, such as funding, mentorship, and access to talent. Unfortunately, FFF alone won’t solve all your problems.
How can you catapult your startup idea from obscurity to the spotlight? One option is to embrace the world of startup studios. These studios are revolutionizing the game by providing a structured framework and abundant resources to support the creation and growth of your venture. It’s a golden opportunity to ascend to the elite and ride the wave of innovation, witnessing your business reach for the stars.

The unstoppable rise of startup studios

The era of traditional incubators and accelerators is fading away, making room for a new sheriff in town. Unlike their traditional counterparts, startup studios take a more hands-on approach and actively participate in the development of each startup within their portfolio.
Have you ever felt overshadowed by those enormous brands and incubators that seem more like façades than substantial support systems? Now is the time to run away from the dinosaurs and find someone you can speak to.
Startup studios offer more than just a glamorous title. They provide a flourishing environment filled with resources, expertise, and unwavering support that goes far beyond a mere logo. Here, you are empowered to let your creativity take flight, backed by a team as passionate about your success as you are.

The startup studio era: Unmasking the phenomenal impact

The data speaks for itself. Startup studios are the new vanguard of the startup sphere. Entrepreneurs are flocking to them like magnets to metal. Let’s uncover the magic behind their appeal:
According to a 2022 report by the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN):
  • Venture Studio startups have a 30% higher success rate than traditional startups.
  • 84% of startups coming out of studios go on to raise a seed round.
  • 72% of those ventures make it to series A (compared to 42% of traditional ventures).
  • The time from zero to series A is 25.2 months for venture studio startups compared to 56 months for traditional startups.
  • The average internal rate of return (IRR) for startup ventures is 53% compared to 21.3% for traditional startups.
Startup studios are also surpassing traditional incubators and accelerators in terms of success rates. As an asset class, venture studios boast a 53% IRR, exhibiting scale and returns much quicker than freestanding startups. While traditional startups take an average of 56 months to reach Series A, startups birthed by studios achieve this feat in just 25 months.
The growth of startup studios in recent years has been nothing short of extraordinary. A report by CB Insights reveals that the number of active startup studios globally jumped from 102 in 2014 to 338 in 2020. By February 2022, a staggering 724 studios were thriving around the world.
These remarkable figures serve as undeniable proof of the transformative power of startup studios and the unparalleled opportunities they offer.
So, with such a wide array of choices available, where should you go?
The answer is simple: — The breeding ground for unicorn startups

At, we don’t just cultivate ideas; we breed unicorns. We’re not merely a venture studio; we’re a unique species that nurtures companies from inception to fruition.

Liberty and innovation: Changing the world, one startup at a Time

At, we champion freedom. We exist for audacious entrepreneurs who dare to dream big and craft revolutionary solutions that transform lives. Our vision encompasses the globe as we strive to make waves and redefine industries worldwide. With as your ally, your grandest dreams can become a reality, propelled by our passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to making an impact.

Autonomy and expertise: Your toolkit for triumph

Experience the power of autonomy at As an entrepreneur, you need more than just deep pockets. We provide not only money but smart money, along with meticulously designed resources tailored to your unique needs. With our extensive network and profound expertise in the AI market, we serve as your secret catalyst to drive your startup’s success.’s personalized approach guarantees that you’re equipped with the ideal tools and resources to fearlessly confront challenges and seize opportunities.

Accelerated idea testing: From concept to reality in warp speed

Continuing with the dinosaur metaphor, our nerve impulses travel much shorter distances. In the ultra-fast-paced world of startups, time is more valuable than gold. At, our streamlined processes facilitate ultra-rapid idea testing, enabling you to validate your concept at the speed of light. With our agile methodology, you can swiftly iterate, fine-tune, and launch your product, gaining a competitive edge in the market.
When you join forces with, you gain a unique advantage — the power to make swift decisions, with choices made in as few as 1–2 meetings.
Our commitment to your success goes beyond mere words; we back it up with action. We wire funds within a week, putting our capital where our commitment is. We’re not just bystanders; we’re co-drivers.

Talent assembly: Crafting your dream brigade

Behind every extraordinary startup lies an exceptional team.
At, with our vast network and expertise, we can swiftly scout and recruit top-tier professionals to join your startup’s mission. As masters in the art of talent assembly, we ensure you’re supported by the right personnel equipped with the necessary skills to steer your vision toward success.
Together, we can assemble a dream brigade that will launch your startup to unparalleled heights.

Join the uprising: — Where dreams evolve into unicorns

We don’t just seek any startups; we search for the extraordinary ones with the potential to change the world. is the enchanting domain where ideas metamorphose into unicorns.
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