SKL VC help the daring build legendary companies.
Drop by our incubator. You bring the expertise, we bring the rest. What we give:
  • 1
    A high and stable salary
  • 2
    Option in the business (up to 10% of the base, up to 30% in case of a product / co-investment)
  • 3
    investment of up to $2M to implement the idea
  • 4
    Resources for implementation (legal entity for tests, back office, developers, hiring, networking, fundraising assistance)
Got a cool idea, but no resources to run it?
We've opened an incubator for you - come on board
We give you the investment to implement
Incubator resources - marketing/back office/networking at your service
For whom?
  1. You have an idea for a new product (or even the product itself)
  2. You are an expert in your business (and can prove it in practice)
Come on, fill it out!
Artem Sokolov
Founder and General Partner
Managing Partner
Artem Sokolov
Guess what? It's me who's gonna rock your startup.
“Let's talk about how you can become the next Amazon.