Entrepreneur-Centric Venture Capital

SKL.vc is a global venture capital firm built by serial entrepreneurs that invests in startups worldwide. We work closely with SKL.vc venture builder but can invest in a broader range of startups. We allocate our investments to maximize positive impact on humanity, supporting edge startups prioritizing people, community, and environmental well-being.
We seize on the front-rank investment opportunities with a focus on SaaS, infrastructure software, security, fintech, insurance tech, commerce and consumer tech
  • Under management

    $100+ mln
  • Investment stages

    Series A
    Series B
  • Locations

    USA/Canada, UK/EU, MENA, LATAM
Investment target sectors
  • Fintech & Insurtech
  • AI / Analytics / BigData
  • EdTech
  • SaaS / IaaS / PaaS
  • Gaming
  • Cyber

  • eCommerce

Investment criteria
Strong team and founders with domain expertise
Good startup traction (US$20 – 200k MRR) and an ambitious problem to solve
Scalable business model with strategic vision
Fast-growing product with a low churn rate
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Send us your pitch deck, if it fits our criteria, we will contact you
Call with a team where you will pitch your startup and answer the questions

If everything is OK, we will sign MEMO
You will pitch to our wider team at a partnership meeting
We will make Due Diligence if necessary and will discuss deal details
Step 6
We’ll tell you our final decision and sign Term sheet. If we’re not investing, we’ll let you know why
Our team

Unique team of investment professionals, entrepreneurs and experts in a wide spectrum of frontier technologies. We have not only dozens of investments in top startups behind us, but also a successful launch and cooperation with the world's best brands.